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CLIMAHOSE, the ideal climate in your house…

The house is the place in which many activities are done, as having relax to face in the best way any daily tasks.
For this reason, to have a comfortable and cozy house provides a better sleeping, a better health and a better mood, giving advantages to the productivity and the social life of a person.
In fact, the right climate for any season contributes to the comfort between  the domestic wall.

Some basic rules
A climatically comfortable house is planned, since its construction, to promote the right temperatures in every seasons.
The significant progresses in the architectural field provide data and instruments to guarantee an always more pleasant climate:

  • Geographical orientation of the environments;
  • Thermal-acoustic insulation materials (bricks, tiles, windows, plasters…);
  • Boilers, air conditioners, and heating pumps always more efficient, with a lower consumption of energy;
  • New and more rational heating diffusion systems (as floor, wall, ceiling radiant systems)

Thanks to a 20-years-long know-how in this sector, we offer a wide and complete range of products for an always more conscious customers.

In fact, the market’s rules are always changing, and they steadily requires an always more elevate technical competence and ability of problem solving, which are consolidate realities that C.M.I. can offer.

Only by offering an adequate service to the client’s requires is possible to obtain positive answer from the market.
And, in this, C.M.I. can claim a story of quality and constant growing, from its foundation to the actual days.

In fact, our mission is “QUALITY WITHOUT COMPROMISES, RESPECTING THE ENVIRONMENT”, to evidence that, aside from the technical and economical aspects, we evaluate also the fundamental aspect of energy saving and the environmental impact, very important in these years. To keep in touch with the current times…

In CLIMAHOUSE section you will find the most interesting solution about the environmental wellness and energy saving.

Heating, cooling, accounting and solar systems are a natural completion of C.M.I.’s offer.


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