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What are the radiant pannels?

Heating one of the major energy uses by families. It is impossible to renounce to the heat. Yet it is possible to manage it better and save up to 30-40% on bills.
Heating systems based on floor, wall or ceiling radiant offer the same interior comfort with a lower energy consumption. The radiation of the heat comes from the floor, the walls or the ceiling.
The heat then spreads mainly at an height of 2 meters, that is where they are needed. In this way the boiler will work at a lower use of energy while providing the same level of comfort.
The heating of the atmosphere is uniform with the internal radiation requiring a lower water temperature of the installation of just 30-40°C compared to 70-80°C necessary in a conventional heating system.
The radiant panels eliminate once and for all the old thermosyphon offering  greater freedom of furniture. But the real benefits are others. Traditional radiators warm the internal atmosphere by draught of convection which warms at first the air at the ceiling and below with a consequent waste of energy.
Internal draugts also cause the circulation of dust and irregularities of internal temperatures in a room. High heat  of the thermosyphons makes finally the house air much drier requiring the use of dehumidifiers to reduce the impact on health.
With appropriate modifications, the use of radiant panels in the floor allows also an use in summer like air-conditioning in the house. By circulating in the installation cold water, you get a comfortable house on hot days of summer. A dehumidifier system will prevent all forms of condensation on the walls.

A good alternative to the air conditioning systems. They have the advantage of not occupying space and not be restricting on the furniture as the air conditioners or fans on the ceiling.


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