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The company
During its twenty five years of activity, the CMI, the acronym for Cesare Messina Idroprogresso, name of its founder, has achieved significant goals thanks to the valuable collaboration of Mr. Mauro Cavaleri and a large number of collaborators who have made their work a passion. The continuing research for materials and constructive solutions which provide the highest customer satisfaction has always been and still is the starting point of every initiatives in CMI. Thus, respect for environment, energy economy and reliability have always been the parameters with CMI measures itself daily..

The aim of each installation planning is to optimize the performance. Until now, about 10 000 Italians trusted us and can attest to the quality of the CMI installations, such as houses, offices, churches, schools, theaters, communities or industrial laboratories. Indeed, the use of floor, walls and ceilings areas offers the guarantee of an ideal air conditioning of the rooms. During the last few years, wiser for its expertise, it has proposed successfully innovative solutions applicable to radiant installations with specifically studied dimensions, while using condensation boilers, solar panels, photovoltaic panels, heat pumps and, more recently, geothermal installations.

Our mission 
Quality without compromise, while respecting the environment. Fruit of the passion for our work, the competence, the specialization, the reliability, the seriousness, the technological research and the credo which characterize us

The harmony that exists within the team, built over years of collaboration, is the strong point of our company. The CMI team is constituted of young employees who have initiative; innovative ideas are developed in each area, supervised by the vast experience of the two mainstays of the company, the chairman and managing director who have been working together for more than 25 years. Qualified staff guarantees an expertise and a deepening from the choice of the adequate materials to the complexity of the developed installations. Our motto has always been "QUALITY WITHOUT COMPROMISE" highlighting the high level of our realizations without yielding to compromise and putting to the foreground the requirements of our customers.

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